The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Is BACK - Here's My Most Simple Review

The POPEYES on Dale Mabry in Tampa has Chicken Sandwiches... GO GO GO GO!

... and now my non-food-critic simple review:

It was a glorious thing when my co-worker Ryan Gorman texted me offering to pick up a chicken sandwich.. but it wasn't just any chicken sandwich - it's the brand new, ultra-rare Popeyes Chicken Sandwich!

It arrived to the studio nice and fresh, warm enough not to be annoyed. Packaged in aluminum wrapping just like another chicken place we know of...

The bun was very soft, I know some hate this word... but it was moist. Warm, and moist. Sometimes you can get a bun, and after a few minutes the thing starts aging and getting old... and crusty-like, Not this, no... this was FRESH!

Looking at the sandwich itself.. the chicken was a nice golden color... the perfect color of deep fried chicken. No spices were actually visible, but I'm sure there are some hidden in the batter. It was layered... Bun, Pickles, Mayo, Chicken, Bun.

The other chicken place doesn't put Mayo on their sandwich.. which I'm okay with - because I actually hate Mayo.

So.. the real test.. the TASTE...

Bite one... the bun, a lot of chicken, and some mayo, and a pickle.

It wasn't bad at all. I enjoyed it... the chicken was very juicy and flavorful - well cooked!

There IS seasoning, only a small amount. I may have tasted butter on the bun... I couldn't tell.. butter, or the taste of the batter.

It's really a tossup in my mind right now... Popeyes Chicken Sandwich vs "the other"

I may need to do a second side-by-side taste... with no mayo on either.

Is it worth it? Definitely, will you feel guilty about cheating on your other place? Maybe... but it's worth it.

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