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RECIPE: Healthy Halftime Turkey Burgers

Get ready for Sunday with this healthy option, thanks to Quick Weight Loss Centers!


5.5 oz Ground Turkey Breast 

2.5 Small Green Onions, chopped 

½ tsp Garlic powder 

½ tsp Onion powder 

½ tsp Red pepper flakes 

2 Slices of 40 cal Bread


1. Set the bread aside to be used as a bun (toast if desired)

2. Place the ground turkey in a bowl along with all other ingredients.

3. Combine with your hands.

4. Mold the mixture into 1 patty and set on wax paper.

5. Heat a frying pan and coat with cooking spray (or cook on the grill).

6. Cook to desired temperature.

7. Enjoy on bread. Optional: add mustard and/or mayo (1 fat serving)


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