I've Decided To Try The Whole30, Starting Tomorrow

Alright guys, I'm gonna need you for emotional support on this one... I've decided to try the Whole30 plan. Starting Wednesday, July 25th I'm going 30 days without dairy, grains, alcohol (nooooo!), legumes, added sugar, carrageenan/MSG/sulfites. I'll keep you posted on my progress!

I'm hoping to not only lose some weight but also help with my sleeping problems (hello, I am up and down allllllllllll night).  Plus I really want to do it before football season starts cuz you know I can't do football Sundays without beer & wings ;) 

It will probably include a lot of whining, Whole30-friendly food pics & asking you about what you had for dinner last night (because chances are, I can't eat it).

Stay tuned & pray for me!