BLOG: My Whole30 Experience, Day 7 - 13

I made it thru another weekend without wine/beer/tequila (painful) or bread (ugh) or cheese (UGH) but it's all good :) I'm almost 1/2 way thru the Whole30, and I definitely feel like I've lost weight (huzzah!) but sadly they encourage you to not weight yourself rather focus on how your body is feeling.  FINEEEEE -_- Getting ready in the AM is way more fun when your clothes fit better tho ;)

I'm still sleeping like a rock, I actually get super tired at night and wake up BOOM at 5am with c r a z y energy. 

I'm loving how my skin has changed, I used to experience redness in some areas but that's all gone.    

Ok, what sucks... Sean & I went to Panic! At The Disco & Wednesday and concerts without a ritual beer was weird, bowling over the weekend without being able to eat Pin Chaser's pizza was sad (um it's incredible) buttttt it's only for a few more weeks.  I can handle this.  

Some people work on their summer bodies, I'm over here prepping that fall/football season body *hair flip*