MY THOUGHTS: 'The Meg' & 'Slender Man'

You know how much I loveeee going to the movies, my thoughts on "The Meg" and "Slender Man"!

Friday, we went to see "The Meg" & was pretty stoked because the trailer looked good & I was already hooked (womp wompppp corny fish pun). All in all, I thought it was a great action movie & I def recommend seeing it in the theaters.  The storyline didn't get stale, I jumped & screamed at a few of the jumpy-screamy scenes (ask the people next to me, I think I scared them too) & for real, the shark was visually scary as f***.  Seriously, it creeped me out.  Go see it.

Saturday night was "Slender Man" & I'm totally a scary movie girl but soooo wish there were MORE of those jumpy-screamy parts :-/  Don't get me wrong, it was creepy (the sound you hear before Slender Man makes an appearance, nopeeee) but I was really looking for more startles. I want to give it a second chance & can promise you I'll never look at trees the same again lol (like so, so many scenes in foggy/scary/why tf are you in the middle of a forest at 2am scenes)