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BLOG: My Whole30 Experience, Day 14 - 20

Another week down & another weekend sans my beloved Pinot Grigio (well technically, Pinot Noir because you know I'm already in fall mode)...but also no dairy/grains/added sugar & an update on my progress!


1.  Still sleeping better than I have in yearssssss & it's amazing.  I'm no longer dealing with anxiety before going to sleep, I'm actually sleepy at night & can STAY asleep (before I would be u-p and d-o-w-n like 3-4 times every night).

2.  I can tell I've lost more weight, wooo!! Remember, no scales during the 30 days but my tummy is flat af & I'm able to wear clothes I haven't been able to fit in in a hot minute, so THAT is probs my favorite.  It's like I went on 10 shopping sprees & it's already in my closet ;)

3.  I am mad productive, bruh.  As it turns out, not drinking = no hangovers = SO MUCH HOUSE STUFF DONE!  I've effectively convinced my boyfriend to paint a couple rooms, got new living room furniture, etc etc. Also, do you know how much money I'm saving?! No bars, barely going out to eat & zero UberEats (do you think U.E. misses me?).


1.  I AM SO BORED.  I miss going out to grab a drinky-poo, trying new restaurants, etc.  But I know this is only for 30 days & I keep reminding myself every time I embark on an "I miss pizza" pity party

2.  I'm also bored of the food situation... it's a LOT of the same stuff.  Over and over and over and over... but I can already tell this is the part where you develop a new relationship with food.  I can't eat my normal comfort food (helloooo chips & salsa) so ya girl needed to devise a plan B.

Stay tuned til next week...only 10 days to go!

If you are interested in more about the WHOLE30 program, check it out HERE

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