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BLOG: My Whole30 Experience, Day 21 - 30

I finished it! Check out my final thoughts on Whole30 (and yes, I did LOSE WEIGHT yay!).

Again, if you missed it my boyfriend and I went for 30 days without dairy, grains, alcohol (nooooo!), legumes, added sugar, carrageenan/MSG/sulfites hoping to achieve the body reset it promises & lose some weight in the process while getting a better understanding of how certain foods have a positive/negative effect on my energy/mood/skin/sleep/weigh/tummy bloating etc etc ;)

Sooooooooo I lost 9 pounds, woo! Sean lost 12.  We are pretty stoked, no lie because that was a HUGE determining factor in attempting Whole30.

But here are the other goodies we benefited from:

1.  Better sleep

2.  More energy/no energy crashes

3.  Clear skin, clear eyes, clear mind

4.  No more mindless eating at night (BIG issue for me!)

5.  Bloating be gone! My tummy is way flat bruh

Although we tested the waters this weekend via beer/wine/slop food/etc (and f'ing paidddd for it ugh) I really don't think I can go back to my old eating ways.  I have definitely adopted a more cleaner way of eating knowing what I now know thanks to Whole30!

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