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RECIPE: Southwestern Veggie Noodles

After completing #Whole30 I am slowly integrating some of the "forbidden" foods back into my diet (in this instance, beans & corn) & I really loved the Southwestern-style Veggie Noodle dish I threw together last night! Literally took me like no time & was super yummmmmy.


Yellow squash

(1) can of black beans

(1) can of corn

pico de gallo

olive oil

salt & pepper


Get out that veggie spiralizer & spiral the yellow squash, cook in pan with olive oil/salt/peper

In separate sauce pan, warm up beans/corn/pico de gallo

Serve warmed bean/corn/pico mixture over sauteed squash, season with salt & pepper (I did a little nonfat plain Greek yogurt too!).  It was tastyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

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