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MY THOUGHTS: New Jennifer Lopez Movie "Second Act"

J-Lo's new movie "Second Act" is in theatres on December 21st & I went to a special screening last night!  Here's some of my thoughts walking away from J-Lo's new rom-com:

1.  I always love her in these types of roles and this is no exception!  She's so damn likeable :)

2.  It's Christmas-y and festive!  Christmas decorations, trees, the BIG one in NYC, holiday parties, I'm here for it.

3.  I adored Vanessa Hudgens in it too!! 

4.  Oh and Leah Remini.  Listen, the females in this movie crushed it.

5.  J-Lo's character Maya has a glow-up moment so it was very "The Devil Wears Prada"

6.  I got maj "Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead" vibes when she has to fake the funk of her fabricated resume but it WORKS (cuz street smarts cannnnn equal book smarts)

7.  This movie was fun and easy to watch.  Take your mom, take your gfs & take your mind off whatever bs is bugging your life right now.  Wine is always welcome :) 

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