STUDY: 3 Workouts That Help With Anxiety

I've told you before I am completely devoted to my workouts (especially Orangetheory Fitness, my fav!) and two of the scienficially-proven anxiety-reducing workouts fall under the OTF umbrella! How awesome is that?

I have said this before and I'll say it again, not only is it suchhhh a good workout in just 1-hour with amazing music (you'll forever catch me signing along on the treadmill)/fun coaches/workouts that are constantly challenging and changing but the RESULTS ARE REAL. And I know I'm only one workout away from turning a crappy mood into a happy face. True story.

Check out WHY here!

It's not affectionately referred to as 'OrangeTHERAPY Fitness' for nothing (and so, so true!). Hey, the first class is always free, you should try it :)