FITNESS CHALLENGE: Super Fly By 4th Of July Has Officially Started!

Summer is here & I've decided to create my own (and self-imposed) fitness challenge from June 1st thru the 4th of July! Wanna join me?

It's pretty basic. I'm committing myself (and my friends and my boyfriend lol) to 5 workouts a week. Whatever you can do to be active (trying for 60-mins per workout), for me that will obviously include Orangetheory Fitness ;)

Soooo for the food stuff: I'm not really planning to stick to a particular meal plan, just eat as clean as possible & to best fuel my body for the workouts. Kinda Whole30 ish, but wayyyy less strict. Oh and I'll probs still grab a drinky-poo or two on the weekends. Just being honest with you. However being hungover doesn't really vibe with all that fitness stuff so I feel it's gonna be a good balance.

What I want to gain from this: obviously I would love to lose some weight (10 lbs would make me screaaaam with happiness) but I also want to sleep better at night & have more energy during the day. Plus I love setting and completing goals, so that helps too ;)

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