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FITNESS CHALLENGE: Super Fly By 4th Of July Week #1 Check-In

Let's check in after the first week of our Super Fly By 4th Of July Fitness Challenge, I've got some positive results to report!

So if you recall, last Saturday June 1st I embarked on a fitness challenge (and tagged in my friends & my boyfriend and hopefully YOU!).


I followed thru with 5 workouts this week, yay!! Honestly, it was a little more challenging than expected to get in all five because, ya know life happens but I'm super proud I did it :) I shot for 60-minutes per workout:

#1 Saturday June 1st: cycling

#2 Tuesday, June 4th: cycling

#3 Wednesday, June 5th: ORANGETHEORY FITNESS & that "Catch Me If You Can" is no joke!

#4 Thursday June 6th: a bad-ass power walk thru my neighborhood, arms swinging and everything! I suggest Rupaul music for such an activity.

#5 Friday, June 7th: A run outdoors

RESULTS: I have already lost 4.6 pounds this week! I'm gonna keep on keepin' on, I'm really going to focus on buttoning up my eating even more this week. I'm really bad when it comes to snacking after work & before dinner, so that's my new goal for the week! Stay tuneddddd :)

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