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LIST: Top 10 Bad Habits Picked Up During Pandemic

Anything that's food or drink related, yup. I saw this on the news this AM and felt very exposed.

1. Snacking more throughout the day = 40% (Katie answer: YUP)

2. Eating more comfort foods = 39% (Katie answer: of course)

3. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables = 33% (Katie answer: I'm trying...)

4. Drinking too much caffeine = 32% (Katie answer: oh gawd, yes).

5. More junk food = 32% (Katie answer: mmhmm)

6. Not eating three meals a day = 31% (Katie answer: what if I'm eating more?)

7. Too much alcohol = 26% (Katie answer: I plead the fifth)

8. Not exercising enough = 25% (Katie answer: okay, this is one I'm not guilty of...working out is my therapy! I do it for the greater good of mankind).

9. Staying in PJs all day = 23% of us have done it during the pandemic (Katie answer: ding ding ding

10. Sleeping in & being late for work while working from home = 9% (Katie answer: actually, no!! If it's time for my show and I'm not there, it's pretty obvi lol)

Depressed woman eats cake

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