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This is the Anti-Bucket List - Things People Don't Even Want to Try Once

I think it's safe to say everyone has some sort of bucket list or at least a few things they'd like to accomplish before our time expires.

But have you ever thought about the things you DON'T want to do? Like.... ever? This is the anti-bucket list.

Reddit user Phlux asked people online to share their top "anti-bucket list" of things, and many happily weighed in. Here are some of the responses:

  • "I'm not adventurous, I won't be climbing Mount Everest"
  • "No Olympic medals for me, I'm afraid."
  • "Becoming famous. I’ve thought about it and decided it’s not good. I feel like I’ve done a pretty good job of avoiding it, for which I’m proud of myself."
  • Go to space. One user said "I'll never leave the solar system on a multi-generational colony ship headed for another star. There's just no way, bro."
  • Cave Diving
Spelunker Crawling Along Narrow Cave

Photo: Getty Images

  • Deep Sea Diving
  • "Ride a moose." (Is this on ANYONE'S bucket list?)
  • "I'll probably never be president. Statistically, it's unlikely, and regardless of how you feel about the current one, it's a pretty stressful job, so I'm not sure I'd want to even if I had the option."
  • "Crack"

What's on your ant-bucket list?

Photo via Getty Images.

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