Shark Stolen From Aquarium

Never have I thought to myself "I should steal a shark" I mean what is the point? This is exactly why we can't have nice things. The stupidity in this world amazes me these days. Sure we have all thought of stealing before, once when I was 10 I stole condoms from 7-11. I felt so guilty that when I payed for my Slurpee I actually gave the cashier an extra $3 which basically covered the condoms that I was to embarrassed to buy.

I know what you are wondering, why did you need condoms at 10 years old? The answer is I was filling them up with water to throw at my friends, duh!!! What else would I be doing with a condom!? I wouldn't end up needing one of those for quite some time. How did this turn into a talk about my sex life? Below is more on the stolen shark.