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Top Ten Colleges Where Students Are Looking for Sugar Daddies

The website released a list of the colleges with the most students looking for sugar daddies. 

Let's be honest, college is mad expensive and nobody truly wants to drown in student loan debt. As a result many people are basically prostituting themselves out to pay for it. The dating website connects "sugar daddies" with "sugar babies" . . . a.k.a. young people who need money.

And they just released a list of the colleges and universities with the MOST sugar babies. They require them to use a school email address when they sign up. So that's how they know. Here are the top ten . . .

1. Georgia State. More than 1,300 students have signed up, including 300 last year.

2. University of Central Florida.

3. University of Alabama.

4. Florida State.

5. University of Florida.

6. Rutgers.

7. Cal State Fullerton. (Which is near Los Angeles.)

8. University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

9. University of North Texas.

10. University of Missouri. 

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