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David Spade Buys Adam Sandler's Dinner Before Realizing It Was A $9,000 Tab

Would you cover a $9,000 bill? I mean even if it for your friend?

Comedian and actor David Spade admitted that he paid for his good friend and fellow star Adam Sandler's tab. Aw, how nice!...

While appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, David Spade said he picked up his friend Adam Sandler's $9,000 bill. (You can watch the clip here.)

David found out Adam was eating at the same "fancy restaurant" as him, and he popped in the back area where Sandler was eating, and he gets the waiters attention. Where he gets the waiter to charge his card for Sandler's bill. David said "Adam always buys me dinner", he's a nice guy and his wallet's about 10 feet tall."

However, David didn't realize how much the bill was going to be? David said "The next day, Identity Guard calls me and says, "someone stole your card. There was some $9,000 dinner last night... I go 'that was me."

David then just said his excuse was "I was buzzed."

David admitted that for his birthday, he's just looking for someone else to pay him the same treatment. He said on the show, "I try to invite anyone that's rich to dinner, because I just want somebody to buy cause I'm gonna eat and drink a lot. I call Chris Rock, and he goes 'I'm in Toronto.' I go, 'you can call in a credit card."

Ha! To be fair, if I had multi-million dollar Hollywood stars as my best friends, I'd probably do the same thing... However, I'd have to have a glance at the bill before I'd pay. -@georgiasmith87

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