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Officers Make Really Weird Arrest In Pasco County

So, this is a weird arrest?... In New Port Richey this morning, 31 year old Brian Medina was arrested when he tried to kidnap an uber eats driver.

Deputies in Pasco County arrested Brian Medina when he came near the female uber eats driver, while she was loading her car with food from the Denny's in New Port Richey. This was at around 3 am this morning.

Apparently, Medina got into the front passengers seat and told the woman to start driving, saying he had a gun... Investigators said he "then forcibly took the victims cell phone, and repeatedly grabbed her breasts against her will."

The victim told Medina that she needed to make the delivery or someone would get suspicious of what happened to her. the victim said Medina kept control over her phone and she gave him the directions to the delivery address.

When she made the delivery, she was attempting to get the attention of the person she brought the food for, for their help, but it didn't work...

The victim drove south on US 19, Medina then grabbed the wheel and drove the car into a parking lot of the Rodeway Inn. When the car stopped, she finally managed to the attention of a man who kept Medina occupied while she fled.

The police say the victim identified Medina, who was then arrested for felony, false imprisonment. Medina is currently being held in the Land O' lakes jail on a $5,000 bond.

Also, according to the Pasco Sheriff's site, I saw that this isn't Brian Medina's first arrest... He was also arrested before on Christmas day of 2018.You can see here.

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