Here Are the Top Gifts Men and Women Want for Valentine's Day

A big survey for Valentine's Day looked at the top gifts we'd like to receive this year. And #1 overall is a card. 36% of women and 30% of men would like to get one. 

Things get a little different after that first one though . . .

The top things women want this year are: A card . . . flowers . . . chocolates or candy . . . a nice dinner out . . . and jewelry.

The top things men want are: A card . . . a nice dinner out . . . SEXUAL FAVORS . . . chocolates or candy . . . and in fifth place is NOTHING.

21% of men say they'd love to get nothing for Valentine's Day this year. Only 14% of women say the same.

Women are also more than twice as likely to want their chores and work around the house done for them as a gift. And men are almost twice as likely to be hoping for SEX . . . 22% of guys want it compared to 12% of women.

A few more gifts that ranked high overall were a nice meal at home . . . electronics . . . clothing or lingerie . . . and wine or liquor. 

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