Podcast : Riley's Fav 5 of The Week

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Celine Sunglasses Dupes - I'm always loosing my sunglasses so ones that cost almost $500 are a big fat NOPE. But god bless Amazon for these $15.00 ones!

Fenty Beauty Match Stix Dupes - I'm always looking for a good makeup dupe because during the week i wear zero makeup so I don't want to drop a ton of $$$ on things like concealer or shadow that I'm going to wear once a month.

Cariter Love Bracelet Dupe - One day...someday...I'm going to have a real one of these. But until then thank you again Amazon!

Alexander McQueen Sneakers Dupes - I can tell with all certainty that I will NEVER spend $490 on a pair of white sneakers. but I do love fashion so we find ways my friends...

Gucci Belt Bag Dupe - Again, not gonna spend $1,000 on a fancy fanny pack but its super cute when it only costs $31 bucks.

~ Hugs and Smiles ~ Riley Couture

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