As of right now, Katy Perry is the only artist confirmed for the “American Idol” reboot, but some of the names producers are reportedly  looking into include: Luke Bryan and Charlie Puth, Lionel Richie, and Keith Urban might make a return. 

From what I’ve read, Lionel Richie and Charlie Puth are actually in advanced talks to join 

No word on when they’ll announce the new judges, but auditions are scheduled to start August 17th in Florida so there will probably be some announcement by then.

Justin Bieber  accidentally hit a paparazzo with his truck last night after leaving church and there is video of it. He was driving a big truck and the photographer was hit by the front right tire. Justin got out of his car to check to see if the photographer was okay and stayed right by the man's side until paramedics and police arrived.

Justin spoke to police before he was allowed to leave the scene -- police tell TMZ he was not cited.  

Police say the photog suffered non life threatening injuries to his lower body.

Remember back in 2007 when Britney Spears lost it on a group of photographers with an umbrella? Well, now that umbrella can be yours, if the price is right.

Photographer Daniel Ramos, whose car got the brunt of Brit’s attack, is auctioning off the umbrella, which he doesn’t recommend actually using in the rain. The auction is set to go down on August 10th at RR Auction, with Ramos hoping to get about $50,000 for it.

As promised, Selena Gomez just released the video for her latest single “Fetish,” featuring Gucci Mane, and it's...interesting.  The clip has Selena doing some awfully strange things like putting her tongue in an eyelash curler, and putting stuff in her mouth, like soap, lipstick and broken glass.

There’s also a kitchen scene where she goes back and forth between having a break down and writhing around on the floor seductively, a section where she climbs seductively across a fully set dining room table as it rains indoors, and scenes of her in a freezer full of peaches.

This is the second new single Selena has released in recent months following “Bad Liar.” So far there’s no word on whether there’s a new album coming out in the near future.

JAY-Z previously said in an interview that he woke up at 4:44 in the morning with the inspiration to write that song and it was so significant that he named his album 4:44. BUT there’s a new theory…. A guy named Stephen is staying at theStandard the  hotel where The JAY-Z/ Solange elevator incident happened and he took a picture of the address… 444!!!!! 

Apparently, the hotel has a secondary address 444 13th street where you can take an elevator directly to the top floor where there is a rooftop bar. Le Bain and the elevator where the beating of Jay-Z’s ass occurred was reportedly located right outside Le Bain.

So now people are thinking that was the inspiration for the title of Jay's new album, "4:44".  


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