Celebrities are stepping up in a big way to help with Hurricane Harvey relief efforts… Kevin Hart donated $25,000 and challenged his celebrity friends to do the same. Drake says he's working with local authorities in Houston on ways he can help . Beyoncé says she's working on a plan with her charitable foundation and her pastor.

Ellen DeGeneres and her show are donating $50,000 to the Red Cross, and she’s giving another $25,000 to the Texas SPCA.

Someone hacked Selena Gomez's  Instagram and put NUDE photos of her ex, Justin Bieber on it. They’re paparazzi pics from a few years ago when he was on vacation.

Selena's account was deactivated while the situation was dealt with, but everything's cool now. Her Instagram is back up & running. 

"Despacito" is now tied for the longest run at #1 in Hot 100 history . . . 16 weeks at no.1 and it’s tied w/ Mariah Carey & Boys II men “One Sweet Day”— but it might now break the record, because Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do" is expected to dethrone it next week.

BTW— the video for “Look What You Made Me Do” has squashed Adele’s record for the most views on YouTube in a single day… “Hello” had 27.7 million views. 

Taylor got over 28 million views in LESS than 24 hours and as of right now it was well OVER 49 million views.

"Game of Thrones" set another ratings record.  The initial broadcast of the Season Seven finale had 12.1 million viewers . . . but  is expected to increase to around 33 million, when you include streaming and DVR data. Which makes the average viewers this season around 31 million. I think i read 90% of HBO subscribers are watching GOT. 

>> BTW Since the 8th and final season might take a little longer to come out, HBO is doing a seven-part behind-the-scenes series called "The Game Revealed".  They posted the first episode yesterday.

The Weeknd was a no-show at the "VMAs", even though he was supposed to perform.  Apparently, he had just been on the road too long and just felt like he needed a break.