#Hollywood- Camila Cabello just released TWO New Songs (and a Music Video)

Camila Cabello released TWO new songs from her new project, Romance.

Shameless (which came with a music video)

and Liar

Taylor Swift had another unwanted guest show up to her Rhode Island home.

Police arrested a 26 year old man. When they found him he wasn’t wearing shoes, and he explained he was taught it was polite to take off your shoes when entering someone’s home. 

Luckily no one was in the house 

Ed Sheeran will reportedly put on a Spider-Man costume so that he can enjoy live music without being mobbed by fans. And apparently one time when Ed dressed up as Spider-Man, he was told by a couple of fans who were wearing Ed Sheeran t-shirts to “go away.”

Adele fans will be happy to hear that we should be getting new music from her soon.

Sources tell “People” that she is more than ready to release new tunes, and we should expect something before the end of the year.

The insiders say Adele’s new album will likely be as personal as her previous records.

A 28-year-old Los Angeles man has been charged in the overdose death of Mac Miller last year for supplying the drugs.

He gave Mac counterfeit oxycodone pills that contained fentanyl. Police say the pills are 50 times stronger than heroin. 

This guy is facing a charge of distribution of controlled substances, and could get up to 20 years in federal prison. There's also a chance he could eventually be charged with MURDER.

There are two other people who allegedly supplied Miller with drugs. They haven't been charged yet, but the investigation is ongoing

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