#Hollywood- Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel WON Halloween

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel won Halloween.

Last week Jessica was on “The Tonight Show” & admitted she didn’t really know any of *NSYNC’s songs. So at a Halloween party this weekend Jessica dressed as Justin during his *NSYNC days, and Justin dressed as a microphone.

Kanye West admits he tried to get Drake’s attention in the strangest way following their epic feud.

Kanye says that he walks over to Drake’s home without security and delivers notes to him with his phone number encouraging him to call. 

He said, “I’m not trying to ring the doorbell and say, ‘You gotta come outside right now.’ He might be busy. He got a studio in there.”

Dave Chappelle has earned the Mark Twain award for American humor, which is the highest award that a comedian can receive.

"Joker" is officially the highest-grossing R-rated movie, with $849 million so far. 

Ryan Reynolds sent an R-Rated congratulations tweet, of course.


Charlie Puth says he's almost died twice from getting sick while on tour. 

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