Clip of New Halsey Music Appears in Video Game

Halsey's new album “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power,” comes out on August 27th.

Some fans believe they have uncovered a snippet of a track in the video game LXXXXP, which is a choose your own adventure game. Users are given images to choose from and then they are given a destiny.

Twitter account @HalseyUpdates claims those whose destiny is “You drowned in a freezing lake” will hear the snippet of the unidentified track. In addition, those who evade death are sent to site selling limited edition box sets of Halsey’s record.

Ed Sheeran almost didn’t return to music after the birth of his daughter Lyra. In a new interview he said he considered retiring.

He said, quote, “I stopped playing music for a bit. And music is entirely me as a person. Then I had my daughter and I was like: ‘Right, that’s it. This is me. I am probably just going to be a dad. I am not going to play music anymore'.” 

But eventually Ed realized he needed to go back to work. He notes, “Then I was suddenly like: it is more important for my daughter to grow up knowing that her parents have a work ethic?"

He slowly got back into music and the creative process started flowing again.

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