If You've Had A Loss In Life, You Need This Song

I was sitting in the house today getting ready to do yard work, which I hate with a passion! 

My wife causially says, "Have you heard all of Ed's new album?"  I said, "I'm pretty sure I've heard every song.  I have been listening on and off all week, but I've been busy."  Stef shot me a look and said, "did you hear "Supermarket Flowers?"  She then proceeded to play what might be in my opinion Ed Sheeran's greatest song yet! 

I lost my mom when I was a senior in high school from cancer.  My mom was a special force in my life, and is still a driving force in my being to this day!  I miss her more now than ever.  

My wife has also lost her mom and dad within 12 months of each other due to cancer.  Hearing Ed's words in this song captured what we'd both experienced in a way I've never heard before.  I wanted to share this story and song with you because I think it'll give you one of those "good cries" we all need occasionally.  Hang in there, you're not alone in this! 


Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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