When People Change Their Lives, Its Beautiful

This is the type of story that keeps me EXTRAMLY MOTIVATED!!  

Anyone that has made a life change knows running head on into a difficult task, and then conquering it... is the BEST FEELING in the world. 

Meet Luis Trigo, now 30, from Atlanta, he dropped down to 150lbs over a few years, then started to train and build his muscle mass, now weighing in at 170lbs. 

Luis started at 400 lbs, and it was only when Doctor's told him, "change your life or you will die," that he flip the switch. 

Look at him now!!


Luis's journey hasn't been easy, but the one thing he said was, "I had to learn to have patience.  I had to realize this wasn't going to happen overnight." 

Luis talked about his first workouts, and how humbling and embarrassing it was to realize he had let himself get to this point. The important thing, he never gave up! 


Here's a quick snap shot of what he cut from his diet to reach his goal. At first he cut out fast food and sugar - like fizzy drinks and fruit juices. 

Louis is now a certified personal trainer and nutritionist.  He laughs as he says, "I hear every excuse in the book from my clients." 

The difference is he's been there, keep in mind Louis started off at 400 lbs.

I hope this helps you!  Louis's IG page is very knowledgeable, motivating, and I think is worth following. 

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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