Conan O'Brien Is Accused Of Stealing Jokes

I'll start by saying this. I've been a fan of Conan since day one!  I was lucky enough to get an autographed transcript of one of his shows from his first year on TV, both him and Andy.  It's one of my most cherished possessions! 

I love his style of humor, so for Conan to be accused of stealing jokes....I don't buy it. 

His writers stealing jokes from Twitter then slightly changing them for his monologue without him knowing... Absolutely that could happen.

Writing jokes isn't easy, not that I'm at all good at it, but it's hard shit.  Now imagine being under pressure for your lively hood, and being out of ideas. 

THAT'S STILL NO EXSCUSE TO STEAL JOKES!!  Form your own opinion off the story below. 

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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