Ariana Grande Helping Manchester Families

The day of the Manchester bombing I was in the last hour of my show when the news broke.  By the time I got home the death toll was up to 22. 

My wife and I sit and watched the news non stop, the whole time thinking, "that could of been any of us."  Stef and I have been to hundreads of concerts over the years. 

The feeling of sadness was overwhelming and still with me as I write this now. 

To hear that Ariana Grande is reaching out to all the victims families took my emotions to a whole other level.  I could not even phathom how hard those calls would be to make.  

Takes my breath away to even think about it. 

Not only is Ariana contacting the families, but is also offering to pay for all the funeral costs.

Hang in there girl. 

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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