Best Video I've Seen In Years

I lost my Grandmother when she was 83.  

My Grandma was one of my best friends! She was so funny and one of the best story tellers I've ever known. 

I miss her every single day.  She was a huge Shirley Temple fan, so anytime I was at her house we had a deal.  She'd show me one of her favorite Shirley Temple movies, then I'd show her one of my favorites.  Grandma loved The Big Lebowski, Carlitos Way, Caddy Shack, and laughed her ass off at Friday.  

The last gift she ever gave me was the DVD box set of all the "Friday" movies. I think that's why I like Macklemore's new video so much! 

Macklemore surprises his Grandma Helen on her 100th birthday. Then takes her out for a day of, "anything you want to do."  Watching her egg a house is the best! 

"Glorious" is a damn good song along with one of the sweetest videos I've seen in years. 

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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