Hurricane Harvey Leaves Many Animals Staranded

With friends and family dealing with the horrific situation in Houston, seeing this story made me smile. 

To the men and woman that have worked around the clock to help their neighbors, friends, and complete starngers slowly start to rebuild their lives one day at a time, thank you!! 

My friend Adam lives in Houston.  I talked to him yesterday.  When he answered the phone he was out of breath.  I asked, what's up?  Adam said, "me and my buddy have been driving around all day helping people clean out their homes.  Carrying out furniture, ripping up carpet and padding, and removing trash."  

He went on to say, "every half mile you drive you come up on people that need help with something." 

Thanks to everyone that stoped by our blood drive on Friday.  If you've already donated to the Hurricane Harvey relief fund, HELL YEA to you!  Below are 3 different links where you can help with a donation.

- Hurricane Harvey Fund

- Humane Society 

- Red Cross

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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