My Heart and Mind Is On Las Vegas Today

I'm sitting here wondering where to even start with my thoughts.  I'm a night owl, always up late, and last night when all of this news broke I watching live. 

At that time it was 20 dead.  I remember thinking before I went to bed, "this is going to get a lot worse."  As of right now, the report is 58 dead and 515 injured. 

I hoped that I would never live to see the day when the Pulse night club casualty number was surpassed.  I'm stunned. 

I started thinking of all the concerts I've been to in my life, hundreds, and all the great times I've had watching live music.  I couldn't in my wildest dreams imagine something like this happening, the sad thing is, it's becoming common place. 

What bugs me even more is how quick people jump on Twitter and make this about politics.  58 PEOPLE JUST LOST THEIR LIVES!!!!  Can we wait a couple days before we start pointing fingers?  Do you think a bullet cares who you voted for?  Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.

Today I'm sad.  Today I'm thinking about all the people that will never see their friends and family again.  Today, I'm going to love those around me like there's no tomorrow, because when you get right down to it, in this world today, you never know. 

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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