13 Starved and Tortured Kids Saved After Sister Escapes

Two parents, if you can call them that, were arrested in California in what cops called, “A true house of horrors.” 

Siblings were found chained to their beds and begged for food after they were rescued from a home in Parris, California. 

The siblings are aged from 2 to 29 and were chained  inside a dark and foul-smelling room police said.

They were only discovered after their 17-year-old sister fled the property, stole a phone and alerted cops. 

Parents David Allen Turpin, 57, & Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were charged with torture and child endangerment.

I think they should take these two pieces of sh** and make them live the way they made their kids live.  Yup, it should be slow and painful!  I doubt any parents would disagree. 

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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