Carrie Underwood Shares Photo of Scars from Her Accident

Talk about a girl that’s been through the ringer in the past 6 months.  That’s about how long it’s been since Carrie Underwood received close to 50 stitches in her face after a fall outside her Nashville home. 

I would think this had to be a difficult picture for her to show the world.  She looks absolutely stunning if you ask me!  I will say this, whoever the doctor is, he or she should win an award.  

There’s just a little, but barley noticeable scaring around her lip and chin.  I know that when she was on Good Morning America, Underwood told Hoda Kobt that things were much worse immediately following the fall.  “In the beginning, I didn’t know how things were going to end up. It just wasn’t pretty.” 

Carrie went on to say just now, she’s “feeling a little more back to normal.”  She also said, “I have a dedicated team of professionals who can spackle and paint and paste.” 

Put yourself in her situation.  Imagine having 50 stitches in your face, and not wondering if, but how bad the scar is going to be. 

 I had a friend who’s face was scarred in a motorcycle wreck.  He said it took him 3 years to get comfortable looking into the mirror again.  I remember him telling me, “Scotty, you have no idea how much this screws with ya.”  He said, “every time I go out I feel like everyone is staring at me.”  It’s been 10 years, and he’s just now starting to be comfortable in public. 

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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