Is You’re Sleeping Position Destroying Your Health

Did you know you might be destroying your health every night when you go to bed? 

Studies have revealed there are certain bedtime positions people should drop from using.  

FEMAIL has shared the four main positions people tend to fall asleep in, and which ones are good and which are bad for your health. 


Sydney-based sleep coach Elina Winnel from My Sleep Coach said that people need to avoid falling asleep in the curled-up foetal position because of how detrimental it can be.

'What we may not realise is that we are putting our body into a fight or flight posture.” 

“If we go to sleep in this position, we may be signalling to our nervous system that we are in fight or flight, and that it is not safe to go to sleep.”

She recommends sleeping with an open posture instead, as it helps to open up the lung area, allowing people to take deep breaths.  


Dr Ehrlich believes sleeping on your side is one of the better positions you can fall asleep in.

He recommended using a supportive pillow for the head and down the side of the body. 

“From a structural, neurological and muscular perspective, as well as for your airway it is kinder to the body.”

“It also happens to be better for digestion, particularly lying on the left side, considering where the oesophagus enters the stomach.” 


According to Women’s Health, in his book, A Life Less Stressed, Dr Ron Ehrlich reveals the positions he thinks we should and shouldn't avoid in bed.

“Stomach sleeping is the worst. It places strain on the muscles of the head, neck and jaw, strains the jaw joints, can also twist the lower back and pelvis.”

“Imagine wringing out a wet towel and that's pretty much what you do to your muscles and joints while you are asleep on your stomach.”

This website will tell you everything you need to know about sleeping healthy.  My Sleep Coach

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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