When I Watched This, It Made Me Change My Life

2 years ago now I was going through a rough patch in my life.  I was trying to balance my thyroid and all the other hormones in my body and get healthy.  If you don’t know, hormones control everything in your body, so this sent my anxiety and depression through the roof!! 

I was stuck in this funk of self pity, and I’m not worth it, plus anytime I’d think bout starting to try and fix it, my anxiety would go nuts.  On a “Halle Marry” one night I come across this video from comedian, and podcaster Joe Rogan.  He’s also one of the UFC commutators and an expert in mixed martial arts.  What I learned in this 28 min has improved my life beyond words. 

Of course I got all my hormones straightened out through K3 NOW, K3 Nuro Science Optimized Wellness. They’re here in south Tampa, and they’re the best I’ve ever worked with! 

Anyway, I put in the work, but the road map is in this video.  Joe Rogan changed my life that night, and maybe his info could have the same effect on you.  Good luck! 

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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