Some Of My All Time Favorite Music Performances

My name is Scotty Davis, and I love music. To me a life without music isn’t even a thought. 

As I sit here thinking back, music has always been there for me. Through the great times, the bad times, and the really bad times!  

I went down a rabbit hole on YouTube and found some of my all time favorite live performances.  I wanted to share these with you! I hope these bring you as much happiness as they do me!  Here we go.

Not many people have ever seen this Prince performance. To me it’s Prince really just being himself, and it’s beautiful! 


If you’ve never seen Tim McGraw sing “Sail On” with Lionel Richie, hang on for the ride!


Let’s talk the GREATEST front man in music history.  No debate with me, it’s Freddy Mercury.

 Queen “Radio Gaga” Live at Wembley


You may have noticed I’m a little bit of a Lionel Richie fan.  He’s kind of the shit ya know!  When you put him together with a voice like Darius Rucker, magic happens. 

Lionel Richie and Darius Rucker “Stuck On You.” 


Sharing something like this with you is super intimate for me. You can tell a lot about someone by what music they like.  You’ll understand who I am after this, promise. 

Foo Fighters. They are my juice. Dave Grohl is a damn genius!  The best part is he’s a terrific human being!! 

Foo Fighters “Best Of You” from Wembley.


Garth Brooks in Orlando the night he sang “The Dance” and dedicated it to the Pulse night club shooting. My wife and I were there! 


Zac Brown Band “Colder Weather” at Mid Florida Amphitheater. I didn’t shoot this, but don’t worry about the video quality, cause the sound of Zac’s voice says it all! 


Trent Rezner from NiN Inch Nails “Hurt” for Hurricane Katrina. I’ll never for as long as I live forget this moment. 


One of my all time favorite John Mayer songs is “Walt Grace’s Submarine Test, January  1967.”  Oh, and Mayer is one of the greatest guitar players of all time.  No arguments, you know im right! 


Pink.  There will never be a voice like hers ever again. Out of all the vocalist in this world, she’ll always have a special place in my heart!  Damn, if you love music, how could this song and performance not move you? 


I told This was going to be a peek inside some of my all time favorite performances and artist.  That being said, Fleetwood Mac “Silver Springs.”  


Fleetwood Mac “Land Slide.”  I’ll never forget seeing Lindsey Buckingham get emotional at one point looking at Stevie. 


Bob Mould and Dave Grohl “Ice Cold Ice.” 


I could go on forever with this blog! I love music. All music!

 I’ll end with Eminem’s “Till I Collapse” and “Cinderella Man” two songs I consider themes to my life.  Thanks for going down this rabbit hole with me today.  

As the dude said at the end of 30 Seconds To Mars video “Closer To The Edge.” 

“Music makes the world go round, and for me, if it wasn’t around, I wouldn’t be around right now.  Music is every - thing - to - me! That’s all I can say.”

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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