My Thiughts On Surving R Kelly

R. Kelly is a sick son of b#%!.  Don’t except me to sugar coat this at all. 

My wife and I watched “Surviving R. Kelly” and I found myself saying, “how is this sick bastard not in prison?”  To quote comedian Katt Williams, “nobody says the same thing about you for 20 years if it’s not true.” 

I was the biggest fan of R. Kelly too.  “Dedicated” is still one of my all time favorite songs.  After seeing this documentary I’ll never listen to his music again nor will I support him or any artist that decides to work  with this POS! 

It made me sad to see how many lives R. Kelly has ruined over the years.  I hope these victims and their families get some sort of justice.  I’m if or when we’ll ever see this though.  As I was writing this it was reported that R. Kelly’s record sales have spiked due to the Lifetime docuseries. 

:The link to the record sales story:

Scotty Davis

Scotty Davis

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