He Didn't Want to Change Our Flight - Ghosted!

Liz and Johnathan have been together for about eight months and is Johnathan’s second relationship in the past three years. Originally he was engaged to someone before he broke things off and met Liz. Over Labor Day Johnathan went on a trip with Liz and they ran into his ex, Melanie, who was on their same flight. After the trip Johnathan wasn’t able to contact Liz because she didn’t answer his calls and he thinks it has to do with his ex.

We call Liz and find out that when she saw Johnathan’s ex that she asked the gate agent to change their flight to a different time for only $50 more. Johnathan refused to pay the price and decided to board their original flight on his own. Liz thinks she was in the right because she didn’t want his ex ruining their trip, but Johnathan didn’t think it was a big deal. Find out who our listeners side with and more on today’s all NEW Ghosted!

The Kane Show

The Kane Show

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