Father Builds Interior Treehouse for kids

Father Builds Indoor Treehouse For His Kids

I remember when my dad build me a tree fort. It was in our backyard, on stilts and the only way you could get into it was climbing a rope up into the fort. Needless to say, me and my friends were always getting into all sorts of mischief and hiding out in there until things calmed down.

As a kid, I feel like I was outdoors all the time and when my dad built me a treehouse, that only made it harder to come in the house. It was a giant box on stilts and the only way to get into the fort was to climb a rope into a bottom hatch of the treehouse. It quickly became the hangout for me and all the neighborhood kids. We would plan mischief, go garbage picking for things to put in the fort and steal ummm magazines. (Hey, we were kids and it was the real life Sandlot)

But this dad right here took things to a whole new level. He actually built a treehouse for his kids in the house complete with a bridge! Now I'm not sure if they just don't have a backyard or what, but dang this looks like a lot of work. Either way, I am semi jealous.

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