Man in underwear throws bricks at deputies from roof of Florida restaurant

Fort Myers, FL - A man was arrested after throwing cinderblocks at deputies from the roof of a South Florida restaurant.

According to the Lee County Sheriff's Office, 24-year-old Jesus Medina was arrested for throwing cinderblocks at deputies from the roof of La Mexicana Restaurant around 12PM on Thursday.

Deputies say Medina was on the roof in his underwear while yelling and acting erratically.

Medina caused $10,000 in damage to the restaurant’s sign.

Deputies were forced to use ‘less-than-lethal force’ to get Medina off the roof to place him under arrest.

Walter Vega, a patron at the restaurant, says he spoke with Medina hours before his arrest and that Jesus didn’t have a shirt on and was angry about something that happened at work, telling NBC 2 News "I said what are you doing bro? He said no bro, the spirits are trying to catch me. The spirits said I am going to get killed. I said listen, think you got problems."

Medina was arrested on charges of obstruction of justice without violence, aggravated assault on a LEO, and criminal mischief.

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