Ghost Spills Pint of Beer at Haunted British Pub

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The owner of an alleged haunted pub in Britain believes a ghost was behind a recent incident where a pint of beer inexplicably fell off a table.

According to reports, the strange incident occurred last month at The Ring O Bells tavern and was caught on video thanks to the site's security system.

In the video, a beer sits near the table's edge before slowly moving forward, eventually crashing onto an empty chair below, shocking the surrounding patrons.

According to Scott Dawson, the pub's manager, "the glass was sat on the table for a good while before it moved. There was nothing to trigger the movement - it's as if there's a presence there."

Dawson explained that this particular area of the pub has had pints mysteriously tip over on multiple occasions. They have even switched the table to fix the problem, but the spilled drinks have continued.

Skeptical viewers believe the glass slid on the table due to condensation, but Dawson thinks it could have been caused by one of the site's resident spirits.

According to reports, the pub has a strange square feature in the cellar, which some visiting psychic mediums have suspected was once a well.

Dawson claims among the spirits that have been 'sensed' in the establishment, one is that of a teenager named Edward, who perished when he was pushed into the pit long ago. He believes Edward could be behind the spilled drinks as "it would make sense that a 17-year-old boy might find it quite funny to wind people up and have a bit of fun."

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