'Ghost Nurse' Filmed By Home Security Camera

A rather spooky piece of home security footage from Cornwall shows an anomaly that a psychic medium claims is the ghost of a nurse who once worked in the neighborhood.

According to reports, the eerie scene was captured in November by a camera watching over a set of steps leading to the second floor of Rob Williams' residence in the community of Launceston.

Before going to sleep, Willaims was alerted by his motion-activated security system about a presence outside the home. He checked the live feed and was shocked by "what I thought was someone standing at the bottom of the stairs."

At first, Williams thought it was "somebody drunk just standing there," but his assessment changed when he realized that "it wasn't a solid figure."

Suddenly, the strange form vanished into thin air.

After posting the video online, a self-described psychic medium contacted Williams and revealed the anomaly was the "very kind spirit" of a nurse who had once worked at a nearby hospital and, sadly, passed away from influenza.

Skeptical viewers argue that the ghost is merely a trick of light and shadow or a camera glitch.

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