'10-Second Toothbrush' Arrives In The US

Making sure they'll stay clean all day

Photo: iStockphoto

The 10-Second Toothbrush from Y-Brush is a high-tech gadget that allows users to brush their teeth in 10 seconds.

The device looks like a mouthguard and features 35,000 nylon bristles designed to clean all of your teeth simultaneously. Rather than manually moving a toothbrush around your mouth, the 10-Second Toothbrush does all the work for you.

One of the main benefits of this toothbrush is the time it saves. Rather than spending the recommended two minutes brushing your teeth twice daily, you can simply pop in the 10-Second Toothbrush for a quick clean.

The Y-Brush has recently become available in the US through Amazon after initially debuting in Europe a few years ago.

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