VIDEO: Two-Legged Fox Filmed In England

A couple in England was shocked when they saw a two-legged fox playing in their backyard.

According to a local report, the strange creature appeared in the yard of Philip and Jane Carter in Ilkeston as they were setting up their Christmas tree.

"My wife shouted to me to come to the window quick because I wouldn't believe" what was in their backyard, Philip recalled.

When Philip saw the fox, he couldn't believe it because it moved on two legs and was very agile.

The creature stayed in their yard for about 45 minutes before it ran away when the couple tried to feed it.

Philip was amazed by the speed at which the two-legged animal moved and even managed to capture the incident on his cell phone, which has since gone viral.

It is unknown how the fox lost its two legs, but a wildlife expert who viewed the footage thinks the condition may have happened a while ago as the animal did not appear injured and seemed to have adapted to being bipedal.

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