Old NASA Satellite Falling From Sky This Weekend

Earth Radiation Budget Satellite

Photo: NASA

NASA has announced that a 38-year-old satellite, which was retired in 2005, will fall from the sky on Sunday night, give or take 17 hours.

The satellite, known as the Earth Radiation Budget Satellite (ERBS), was launched in 1984 aboard the space shuttle Challenger and studied how Earth absorbed and radiated energy from the sun.

The Aerospace Corp., based in California, has predicted that the satellite's reentry will occur on Monday morning, give or take 13 hours, and will pass over Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and parts of North and South America.

Although the majority of the 5,400-pound satellite is expected to burn up upon reentry, some pieces are likely to survive.

NASA has stated that the chance of any wreckage falling on someone is "very low," with the odds of injury from falling debris estimated at 1-in-9,400.

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