The Smallest City In Florida Revealed

Bal Harbour Beach Ocean Florida

Photo: Getty Images

The smallest city in Florida, in terms of population, is Surfside, Florida. As of the 2010 Census, Surfside had a population of 5,744. Surfside is located in Miami-Dade County and is known for its beautiful beaches and upscale residential areas. Despite its small size, Surfside is home to a number of upscale shops and restaurants, as well as several high-rise condominium buildings.

Surfside is known for its quiet, residential atmosphere and beautiful beaches which offer miles of white sandy shoreline and crystal clear waters. Visitors to Surfside can enjoy a variety of water sports, including swimming, snorkeling, and surfing. The beaches in Surfside are also popular for sunbathing, beach combing, and fishing.

In addition to its beaches, Surfside is home to a number of upscale shops and restaurants. The city is known for its high-end fashion boutiques, art galleries, and fine dining establishments. Surfside is also home to a number of high-rise condominium buildings, which offer stunning views of the ocean and surrounding area.

Surfisde has been in the news most recently after the June 24, 2021 collapse of Champlain Towers South, a 12-story beachfront condominium causing the death of 98 people. Four people were rescued from the rubble, but one died of injuries shortly after arriving at the hospital.

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