VIDEO: Russia Claims to Have Shot Down a Mysterious Ball-Shaped UFO

On Tuesday evening in the Rostov Oblast region of Russia, an anti-aircraft defense system shot down a mysterious ball-shaped object. 

Mayor Vasily Golubev reported the incident on the social media site Telegram. 

Golubev stated that the object, which was not identified as belonging to the Russian military, was observed flying over the village of Sultan Sala, and the decision was made to "liquidate it." 

No further details about the object were provided, but Golubev reassured residents that "the sky is covered with anti-aircraft defenses."

A local media outlet reported that a "UFO in the form of a ball" had been shot down, and a video circulated that appears to show the moment of the object's destruction. 

It is unclear what the object was, but one Russian official suggested it could have been an adversarial drone.

Some residents speculated that it may have been alien in nature.

It is uncertain if the Russian government will provide any further information about the incident.

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