Las Vegas Gentlemen’s Club Debuts 15-ft Robotic Security Detail

Las Vegas

Photo: iStockphoto

Sapphire Las Vegas, a strip club located in the adult entertainment complex of Las Vegas, is debuting a new addition to its security team this week.

Introducing 'Mech 'The Bot' Johnson,' the world's largest club bouncer, measuring a towering 15-feet in height and weighing a massive 8,800 pounds.

The human-controlled giant, powered all-terrain robotic 'mech' suit made its Vegas debut at Sapphire during a special event last Friday night.

According to Peter Feinstein, Managing Partner of Sapphire Las Vegas, "It only makes sense that the world's largest gentlemen's club would have the world's largest security guard."

"The fully human-piloted mech suit has traveled all the way from Vancouver and is excited to make its Vegas debut at Sapphire during CES 2023."

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