Mysterious UFO Sighting Leaves San Antonio Residents Baffled

Residents of San Antonio were left puzzled after a strange object was spotted in the sky.

Though initial speculation leaned towards extraterrestrial origins, a more likely explanation may have surfaced.

According to a local media report, footage of the event was captured by Kristen Allen, who described the object as appearing to move straight down but at a significant distance. Her husband then shared the footage on social media, where several friends came forward with their own accounts and visuals of the object.

The varying perspectives of the witnesses may aid in solving the mystery, as one piece of the footage appears to show a contrail, possibly indicating that the object was an aircraft.

Flight traffic data supports this theory, as there was a plane in the area at the time of the sighting.

Despite this, the Allens have expressed an interest in having their video analyzed by a UFO research group to find a definitive answer.

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